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Sense we updated to group I felt it was nesacery to repost the rules and guidelines.

We are will start using themes from now on voted by members.

Just click join group and wait to be approved.

As a photography club we have set the rules for and the type of photographs the club will accept. At this time we do not accept nudity, We will not accept mutilation and gore photographs.
If your photo has blood in it, do not send it. If your photo has weapons with people in it, do not send it.

:bulletblue: Firstly please note that we only accept ONE submission per member!
:bulletblue: In order to submit to the group, you have to be a member.
:bulletblue: View our main page #Taken-by-digital.
:bulletblue: Click "Suggest a favourite"
:bulletblue: Select your gallery
:bulletblue: In the "Submitting to" dropdown menu, select "Current theme" (Submissions into featured will NOT be accepted)
:bulletblue: Select the deviation you would like to submit.
:bulletblue: After making your selection click OK.

SEND ONE PER Theme! send a note with the link to the submition. it must folow the rules.
Please DO NOT SEND in more than one submission

It is required of YOU as a member to be informed of any changes that are made regarding Submissions, Features, Membership.
Communication is important to us, to ensure that the group will run as
smoothly as possible. We periodically send out News announcing important information about the group. It is YOUR responsibility as a Member here to read these
updates. We ask that you look at all the journals and updates.

stock photos are allowed, But it must be your original photo.
Members should be aware when browsing the galleries of the other club members there is no way to know the type of photography you may find in it. Its your choice to browse or not.

Bear in Mind, Taken-by-digital is run primarily by "ONE" person.
enjoy your experience here.
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Submitted on
January 10, 2010